About Us

Shine Studios started with two moms, who share the same passion for prayer and trusting in the saving grace of Jesus, talking about their daughters love for dancing.

Having already looked into the local options they decided to offer a different way to present a dancing experience for the dancers and the parents. The biggest difference would be dancing non- competitively, with a lower cost, less time commitment, different music choices and no recital or costume fees. These moms agreed that combining dance and praise music could only build their daughters love for God and their talent.

What followed was an amazing opportunity to give young college women, that have danced their whole lives, a way to keep doing what they love to do…dance. They now get to turn their passion and talent into a ministry by choreographing and teaching young girls and showing them how to use dance in a way that glorifies God and is still a lot of fun!

God has opened so many doors and the quick growth in this program has shown us that this fills a need for many families. It is a pleasure and an honor to get to know these girls and their families and to watch in anticipation to see what God has in store next for Shine Studios!